In Order To Provide A Better Match For Your New Knee, You May Consider MAKOplasty Knee Surgery

This innovative procedure helps to preserve your old ligaments while generating a more accurate placement of the artificial joint. Patients recover more quickly and feel more natural with MAKOplasty knee surgery. MAKOplasty patients may be a good candidate for total knee replacement. Read on to learn more about this procedure. If you are considering MAKOplasty, make sure you choose an orthopedic surgeon with the right experience and expertise.

To complete MAKOplasty knee surgery, a surgeon will first perform a CT scan of your knee. This scan will give the surgeon a 3-D virtual model of your knee anatomy and balance. This information will be downloaded onto a robot, which will help the surgeon to create a fully personalised surgical plan. During this step, overgrown bone spurs will be removed as part of the preoperative preparation to individually realign the knee and tighten ligaments.

If you’re


from severe arthritis and joint Arizona pain, you may (480) 483-0393 be a candidate for makoplasty knee surgery. The procedure takes about an hour, which is about twice as long as traditional partial knee replacement. However, the procedure may increase your risk of developing osteoarthritis, so you should consult with your doctor about the risks before you proceed. The procedure will also involve manipulating the bones to rebuild cartilage. As you age, you may develop osteoarthritis, which may be the cause of your knee pain.

If your doctor recommends MAKOplasty, you should know that it is minimally invasive and requires fewer hospital visits than traditional knee replacement. This surgery preserves your own bone and tissue, so you can return to your normal activities without too much pain.MAKOplasty surgery may be right for you if you’re suffering from severe osteoarthritis Scottsdale but it isn’t right for everyone. Make sure you consult your doctor and contact a clinic for more information.

To make the most of the benefits of this procedure, you should optimize your nutrition orthopedic specialist phoenix before the procedure. Eat a high protein diet prior to surgery. Protein improves wound healing and reduces your risk of infection.8630 East Via De Ventura Suite 201 Your doctor will carefully care for your skin and deep tissues. His skilled hands carefully close your knee joint, minimizing blood loss and reducing the incidence of complications and infection. This is the only way to ensure that you recover faster than expected.

MAKOplasty is recommended for patients with bicompartmental knee osteoarthritis who have failed conservative treatment options. However, this surgery is not for everyone and should be carefully evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon with experience in MAKOplasty. The recovery time from MAKOplasty is significantly reduced and the procedure is less painful. Also, MAKOplasty requires fewer reoperations than traditional knee replacement. In addition, MAKOplasty can restore your range of motion after the surgery.

Robotic arms have made makoplasty knee surgery more accurate and faster than ever before. Unlike traditional methods, the robotic arm assists the surgeon in positioning the artificial knee implant. It also aids the surgeon in real-time adjustments to the knee during surgery. The real-time adjustments can help the surgeon achieve a better outcome. When you have problems with the robot, you can consult an orthopedic surgeon right away. They are trained to make appropriate referrals to other specialists

In Order To Provide A Better Match For Your New Knee, You May Consider MAKOplasty Knee Surgery
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